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IT Business Process Analyst

The IT Business Process Analyst plays a pivotal role in translating business requirements into effective IT solutions. This position goes beyond simple interpretation; it involves proactive engagement in proposing and implementing changes to existing business processes where necessary. The BPA combines a deep understanding of business needs with a keen insight into IT capabilities. The proactive approach of the IT Business Process Analyst involves not only meeting current requirements but also anticipating future needs, fostering a dynamic and adaptive business environment.

PMO Officer

An Agile Program Management Officer (Agile PMO) plays a crucial role in supporting and facilitating the implementation of Agile methodologies within an organization, particularly at the program or portfolio level. The role involves a combination of traditional program management responsibilities with a deep understanding of Agile principles and practices.

QA Engineer

Quality Assurance (QA) engineers play a vital role in ensuring the quality, reliability, and performance of software, products, or services.

Scrum Master (Agile Coach)

A Scrum Master or Agile Coach plays a critical role in facilitating the adoption of Agile principles and the effective implementation of the Scrum framework. Their role extends beyond just managing the Scrum process and includes coaching, mentoring, and supporting the team. This role is about increasing the effectiveness of agile teams.

Product owner

A Product Owner (PO) is a crucial role in Agile methodologies like Scrum. The Product Owner represents the voice of the customer and plays a pivotal role in defining, prioritizing, and delivering features and functionality in a product or project.


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Professional Agile Leadership Training

Attended a training for Scrum Professional Agile Leadership hosted by Nils Oud from AgileVisor. The training was very intense, but also informative and productive and greatly helped me in successfully completing my assessment and get certified.

Couldn't wish for more from a training

The PSPO-A training by Nils Oud was a practical, memorable, simply excellent training.

Katarzyna Osak
Well-designed and insightful APS training!

I would like to thank AgileVisor and more specifically Nils Oud for the APS training I had! The training was very insightful, helpful as well as highly interactive which helped in understanding and being able to process information! Kudos for Nils as a trainer, great job!

Anna Stathopoulou
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