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AgileVisor are an incredible company…

AgileVisor are an incredible company full of the most passionate and capable Agile professionals. Personally they have helped me in putting on an incredible Online conference and provided fantastic speakers that really inspired.

Mo Show
Great PSPO I training with Nils

Nils is a great PSPO I coach, with a lot of experience from different aspects! He provides you lots of practical and hands-on exercises and real-life examples, giving more space to focus on specific part of the content you as a group like to focus on and makes the training more conversational rather than just flipping through slide by slide! Definitely recommended!

Couldn't wish for more from a training

The PSPO-A training by Nils Oud was a practical, memorable, simply excellent training.

Katarzyna Osak
Great training with Nils Oud

PSPO Advanced Training with Nils was fun and more important a very interesting and eye opening 2-day workshop. I learned a lot and it helped me a lot to do the certification on!

Felix Pinck
professionality, and the experience of Nils Oud.

The presentation skills, the smooth of interpreting of the situation and linking it to the work experience. His willing to explain and answer to the question we have. not to forget the gamification it was so great and it make theory more easier to understand

Ahmad Mahel Al Housain
I took the Professional Agile Leadeship…

I took the Professional Agile Leadeship - Essential (PAL-E) course given through under the guidance of Nils Oud and it was awesome! Nils is extremely knowledgeable about Scrum and agile leadership! It's my pleasure to give my warmest recommendation to learn from him if you're interested in Scrum and Agile ways of delivering value to your customers!

Rikard Skelander
SPS Training

Teaching and experience/best practices skills on the SPS training by Nils Oud were really helpful to pass from the first attempt. Thanks a lot!!

Jana Ch
Highly interesting and insightful PSPO I training

The PSPO I training was very insightful, interesting, and made lots of fun. What I particularly liked was how Nils used the participants' individual reports from practise to explain Scrum theory and thus made the learning effect all the stronger.

Great PSPO I Training by Nils

Great PSPO I Training by Nils! Informative, well-structured, very interesting exercises and real-life examples. Can recommend it to everyone who wants to do PSPO certification.

Natalia Krutova
Thank you for the amazing PAL-E…

Thank you for the amazing PAL-E training! I learnt so much and enjoyed the way you facilitated the training. It was great to learn from you, and as well to share experiences and knowledge with the other participants

Nico Thümler
The PSPO-A training by Nils was amazing

The PSPO-A training was very well organised and hosted. There was a perfect balance between the theory and interesting practical tasks where people could interact and actively participate. Nils is excellent host and can create awesome space for adapting the scope to the needs, interests of participants to make sure they get the most out of it. I can and will recommend it to every PO who will be interested in taking that class.

Anita Rutkowska
Helpfull eye opener

When you ever asked yourself, what your job as Manager/Leader in an agile environment is, Nils and PAL-E training will tell you. Nils matched the prepared content from and the demand of the participants perfectly. Thank you Nils.

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