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Agile is our expertise and passion

All our professionals are passionate about the enormous opportunities that agility can bring to your staff, your teams and your company. Together we explore your needs and opportunities, to subsequently make sure we deliver upon them!


Unsure how to start or enhance your agile practices? We have the insights into what's effective and what's not.

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Elevate your business or skills with our certified agile training. Gain expertise in agile methodologies.

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Agility is our specialization, setting us apart from other agencies. Rely on us to discover your perfect fit.

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Do you want a Jira or Azure DevOps configuration that works for you? Find out how we can help you.

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Experience agility: uncover, share, and connect with peers, and learn from industry experts.

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The Power of Strategic Partnerships

"Partnerships allow us to extend our reach and accomplish more than we could on our own." — Melinda Gates

Our story

AgileVisor cultivates and nourishes the agile mindset

Many years ago, our team members started working in the field of Agility. Each of us has held many different positions, from Scrum Master, to Agile Coach, to Tribe Lead, to Lean Portfolio Manager, or more. We've accumulated relevant expertise, such as Jira administration, or have become certified professional trainers. Some have founded large agile networks, while others organized large agile conferences with speakers like Jeff Sutherland.

And then we decided to join forces and to formalize our network as AgileVisor. Together, we offer a complete range of services to our customers. We support and coach each other. All of this has lead to an operation that serves clients in in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, as we work with cool companies, ranging from small, medium, to large fortune 500 companies. For many of us, our story started 15 years ago, but we all agree to keep learning and grow further!


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Discover the power of agility with our team of experts

Expertise and Experience

With years of industry experience, our team of agile experts brings deep knowledge and practical insights to every engagement.

Client-Centric Approach

Our collaborative and pragmatic approach ensures that we address your specific challenges and opportunities.

Complete Service Offering

Every company is unique and faces their own challenges and opportunities. With our broad range of services, we can accommodate the various needs.


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Couldn't wish for more from a training

The PSPO-A training by Nils Oud was a practical, memorable, simply excellent training.

Katarzyna Osak
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