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Professional Agile Leadership Training

Attended a training for Scrum Professional Agile Leadership hosted by Nils Oud from AgileVisor. The training was very intense, but also informative and productive and greatly helped me in successfully completing my assessment and get certified.

Well-designed and insightful APS training!

I would like to thank AgileVisor and more specifically Nils Oud for the APS training I had! The training was very insightful, helpful as well as highly interactive which helped in understanding and being able to process information! Kudos for Nils as a trainer, great job!

Anna Stathopoulou
Really great PSPO training from Nils Oud

I attended the PSPO training by Nils Oud which was very well structured, much more comprehensive than I expected and by far exceeded my expectations. A very good preparation for the certification from my point of view, but above all very practical with a lot of time for exchange and practical application. I can recommend the training to anyone who wants to learn more about the exciting task of the Product Owner and prepare for the certification. I really enjoyed the training, many thanks to Nils!

Hendrik Greger
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