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Highly interesting and insightful PSPO I training

The PSPO I training was very insightful, interesting, and made lots of fun. What I particularly liked was how Nils used the participants' individual reports from practise to explain Scrum theory and thus made the learning effect all the stronger.

Informative and well structured SPS training

The Scaled Professional Scrum (SPS) training with Nils Oud was my very first online training. I’m happy that I was a part of this course despite my doubts about joining an online training. The theory was supplemented with practical examples that led to easier understanding and encouraged me and the other participants to actively discuss the topic of the training. No questions remained unanswered. Nils personally impressed me with his knowledge and his social interaction with all participants. All in all, I found the training very interesting, especially the part where Nils explained how to ensure that dependencies between teams get minimized. I can’t wait to put this into practice and support my teams as a Scrum Master. I really enjoyed the training and can recommend it to everyone who is interested in how to work with more than two teams.

professionality, and the experience of Nils Oud.

The presentation skills, the smooth of interpreting of the situation and linking it to the work experience. His willing to explain and answer to the question we have. not to forget the gamification it was so great and it make theory more easier to understand

Ahmad Mahel Al Housain
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