Certified Product Owner Immersion Training

New! The Scrum.org certified PSPO I training immersion based. Weekly optional assignments, with feedback loops from the Trainer AND a very experienced Product Owner.

Benefits of Immersion Training Classes

The mix of traditional and immersion classes holds immense value

'Every classroom session following the first one, commences with dedicated time to reflect on the experiences of the students with their assignments'.

1. Students gain practical experience by applying their learning in their jobs

2. Students affect positive change in their work environments immediately

3. Real-world application increases the engagement and motivation

4. Students safely practice first before experimenting in their companies

5. Facilitated reflections enable students to inspect their learning together

6. More classroom sessions, more time to practice between the sessions

Class Schedule

Five convenient morning classes

Every Friday, 09:30– 12:30 (CET)

May 24: Agile Product Management

May 31: Value-Driven Development

June 7: Scrum Theory & Empiricism, Scrum Framework

June 14: Product Backlog Management, Release Management

June 21: Last Feedback discussions, Prepare for Assessment

PSPO I Certification included (2 attempts), and 40% discount on the PSPO II assessment once passing PSPO I


Your Partner in Transforming Business Agility

Please take a look at the reviews from our valued customers below.

In-house PAL-E training

I truly enjoyed the Professional Agile Leadership training by Nils Oud. His approach consisted of a pleasant and effective balance between lecturing and leaving space for discussions. I would definitely recommend Nils to any organization.

Really great PSPO training from Nils Oud

I attended the PSPO training by Nils Oud which was very well structured, much more comprehensive than I expected and by far exceeded my expectations. A very good preparation for the certification from my point of view, but above all very practical with a lot of time for exchange and practical application. I can recommend the training to anyone who wants to learn more about the exciting task of the Product Owner and prepare for the certification. I really enjoyed the training, many thanks to Nils!

Hendrik Greger
PSPO-A Training with Nils

I attended the Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced (PSPO-A) class with Nils Oud in Munich. The class was well-prepared and engaging, covering the syllabus for the PSPO-II certification. Throughout the course, participants worked in groups to apply the knowledge in a realistic case study. Nils made sure there was plenty of opportunity also to discuss the challenges the participants were facing in their day-to day work as product owners. After finishing the class and completing the recommended reading material, I was able to complete the PSPO-II certification on the first pass.

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