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Well-designed and insightful APS training!

I would like to thank AgileVisor and more specifically Nils Oud for the APS training I had! The training was very insightful, helpful as well as highly interactive which helped in understanding and being able to process information! Kudos for Nils as a trainer, great job!

Anna Stathopoulou
Great PSPO I Training by Nils

Great PSPO I Training by Nils! Informative, well-structured, very interesting exercises and real-life examples. Can recommend it to everyone who wants to do PSPO certification.

Natalia Krutova
PSPO-A Training with Nils

I attended the Professional Scrum Product Owner - Advanced (PSPO-A) class with Nils Oud in Munich. The class was well-prepared and engaging, covering the syllabus for the PSPO-II certification. Throughout the course, participants worked in groups to apply the knowledge in a realistic case study. Nils made sure there was plenty of opportunity also to discuss the challenges the participants were facing in their day-to day work as product owners. After finishing the class and completing the recommended reading material, I was able to complete the PSPO-II certification on the first pass.

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