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AgileVisor are an incredible company…

AgileVisor are an incredible company full of the most passionate and capable Agile professionals. Personally they have helped me in putting on an incredible Online conference and provided fantastic speakers that really inspired.

Mo Show
PSPO-A Class with Nils Oud was very interactive and fast.

I joined the PSPO-A Class of Incrementor with trainer Nils Oud. This training adds a lot of value above other sources that I used to become a better Product Owner. This class is filled with a lot of break outs in smaller teams, which helps to really THINK about the content and learn from others and their companies at the same time. The class was totally 'virtual' but breaking out and coming back went very fast and smooth. Also collaborating on shared digital whiteboards went well.

Eddy Keek
PO Lead
Helpfull eye opener

When you ever asked yourself, what your job as Manager/Leader in an agile environment is, Nils and PAL-E training will tell you. Nils matched the prepared content from and the demand of the participants perfectly. Thank you Nils.

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